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You Can Sweep Anything Under The Carpet With A 9×12 Area Rug

A 9×12 area rug can add an element of warmth to a room or be an eye catching work of art. A rug can make a room look larger or give an otherwise busy room the feel of calm and tranquility – or it can be both. Rugs of any kind will enhance the look of any room. Your choice of rug or wood floor is a matter of personal taste. Adding a rug to an otherwise rugless floor will change the look and feel of the room.


Before you choose a 9×12 area rug for your home, let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind. This list is in no particular order. The first thing on the list isn’t necessarily the most important; the last thing on the list isn’t necessarily the least important. It will be up to you to decide on your personal priority order.

Do you want your rug to be the focal point of the room or to compliment the room? Rugs are very versatile and will do anything you choose them to do. Rugs can be loud and say “hey, look at me,” or can just lie there quietly and let visitors walk all over them.

Color is a big consideration. A dark color will give the room warmth while a light color will make the room seem larger. A dark color will hide stains while a light …

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Modern Bathroom Renovations with Walk in Showers

Nowadays, people that want to have a modern bathroom choose walk in showers. We’re talking about both types of people. The first one is composed of people that is about to have their new home and the second one are people that want to redecorate their bathrooms. Experts say that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, because we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom when we wake up and before going to bed. That’s why a bathroom needs to be functional. There is a vast range of showers in the market today, but the most useful type of shower is represented by walk in showers.

The most important advantage of walk in showers is that they offer the owner of the house the possibility of expanding their bathrooms. This means that it’s not necessary to place it in the place where your old bath tub was placed. There are many types of walk in shower enclosures, such as: framed walk in showers, semi-framed walk in showers and of course, frameless walk in showers. No matter what type of walk in shower you choose for your bathroom you have the possibility to choose a good design that would fit to your home.

Many people have chosen to purchase walk in shower units made of clear glass because they have the ability to reflect light and can be useful to see what is …

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