Specially-designed mobile home furnaces are necessary to heat your mobile home, since you cannot use regular furnaces as the duct work is too small to allow the hot air produced to circulate safely and efficiently. Furnaces specifically designed for a mobile home have their own distinct features that make them suitable for heating in this particular setting.

Via alpinehomeair.com

Via alpinehomeair.com

Specific Features

Features specific to mobile home furnaces include a specialized fan to ensure efficient air flow; special slots on the access door to supply air to the blower; and filters located on the front of the unit or on the access doors. The unit also has a control side which is directly connected to the thermostat to allow you to regulate the furnace settings.


Furnaces for mobile homes can last as long as 30 years if they are maintained properly. Regular maintenance tasks include changing the filters at least twice a year, cleaning the interior of the furnace at least once a year to ensure that it is dust-free and replacing the igniter (if you have a gas furnace) when it fails to light.

Tips for Finding Mobile Home Furnace Parts

Mobile homes, famously known as trailers, is a kind of home built in factories. It is usually used for momentary lodging during camping or a mainstay accommodation in rural areas. It can be moved whenever you want but with the help of tractor-trailers.

In time, these trailers get damaged. It may not be as a whole, but progressively until it is completely broken. One important part of every trailer is the furnace system. If you do not have this, warmth within is questionable especially on cold winter nights.  Mobile home furnace parts can be purchased online when you encounter a problem like this. You can buy your mobile home furnace parts at mhparts.com.  They offer a wide range of brands like Coleman, Evcon, Intertherm, Nordyne and lastly, Miller.

Mobile Home Furnace Layout

Mobile Home Furnace Layout

About furnaces Built for Mobile Homes

Furnaces built for standard homes cannot be used for mobile homes.

The Difference of a Furnace for Mobile Homes

Because of the smaller ductwork and tighter angles, it would be better to depend on a mobile home furnace that is specifically built for the task. Ordering one would depend on the size of the mobile home. This means that the homeowner needs to do some computations to know which kind of home furnace would be best for their mobile home.

Models and Square Footage

If in doubt, mobile home furnace manufacturers usually offer customer assistance services that would happily shed light on the matter. A certain model of home furnace built for mobile homes would usually be based on the square footage of the house. This kind would not last as long as the ones used for standard homes. The lifespan of the ones used for mobile homes is about fifteen years.