Nearly all of us have windows in our home.  They are an integral part of our property and ensure that we get plenty of light and fresh air.  But we can often mistreat our windows, (albeit with the best intentions, and this can lead to windows sticking and becoming difficult to open).  We will have a look at the mistakes we can make and how to avoid having our windows stick in the future.

  1. We select the wrong windows for our home, or for a particular location within our home.  This can cause difficulties if we place say, a sash window in an area that is a bit inaccessible, such as over a sink.  Sash windows are opened by a vertical shove and if you cannot get beneath the window, you will have difficulties being able to exert sufficient force, or you will exert the wrong force and damage the window, or alternatively your back.
  2. We over paint our windows.  With the best will in the world a lot of people maintain there windows at regular intervals and this can include painting timber windows.  This is not an issue with uPVC windows.  Over a period of time, and with various coats of paint on the window frames, the windows will eventually start to stick.  In order to remedy this problem, you will have to run a blade over the cracks to free the seal and get the window moving again.  In extreme case you may have to strip back the paint in using a chemical or electrical paint stripper and re-paint the bare timber again.
  3. We do not regularly give gentle maintenance to metal and moving window parts.  This is not a difficult thing to do. With regard to uPVC windows,  all they really need on a semi-regular basis is a gentle wash with warm soap water, after first removing jewellery from your hands and wrists that may scratch the window frame.  The apply lubrication such as WD40 to moving metal hinges and perhaps some vaseline in order to help keep them lubricated. In may cases timber windows could be treated in much the same way.


These are some of the common mistakes we make with regard to window installation and maintenance.  For more info on this and other topics go to Putting the correct type of window in a specific location, not over-painting your windows and providing them with regular, gentle care are all errors that we could quite easily remedy and our windows would be the better for it and in many cases they would reward our efforts by having a longer lifespan before needing to be replaced.